Professional standards have never been more important.

By Recruiting our Services, not only provides you with a prestigious professional service and knowledge, it also offers you a genuine competitive advantage.


Our professional qualification demonstrates that your needs will fulfilled to the highest standard of excellence and integrity.

Which means that you will receive the highest Services encompassed and reinforced with :



1. Status : Our Services demonstrating that your work and needs will reach to the highest professional and ethical standard.


2. Recognition : By promoting the value of RICS standards we aim to ensure that professionalism is embedded in the market and your requirements on the Work.


3. Knowledge : By  providing a range of practice standards and best practice guidance to help you achieving your goals and expectations which are  the highest levels of “Value Of money”



Provided Professional Consultancy Services

Feasibility studies

Reliable and accurate cost advice to proceed with the greatest amount of confidence.
Reports regarding Anticipated Cost (for any kind of Projects) to Financial Institutions.

Prepare Bill of Quantities

To prepare Competent Bill of Quantity, is assumed to be the best approach to avoid conflicts and obtain increase cost certainty. This is exactly what we are very good to.
It means our Client to know at every point during the Construction, the progress, the problems,  the shortages and possible available solutions at any monetary issue of the Construction.

Providing financial progress reports

Acting on clients' behalf to resolve disputes

Construction industry is a complex and full of risk business. At every step problems could  emerge requiring advice from professionals. We are in the position to advice and negotiate on your behalf considering Dispute Resolutions Processes.

Construction Monitoring

Monitoring each stage of construction to make sure that costs are in line with forecasts

Assessing tenderers

If a Bill of Quantity does not exist, then it is vital to assess and review the Contractor’s or Sub – Contractors quotes. By doing this we provide to our clients the Knowledge he needs and the tools of negotiations to receive a better price or avoid risks.

Contract Administration

Contract management is of paramount importance.  We are able to support our Clients and manage effectively Contracts of  Private or Public Sector.