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As a professional and an expert, the Quantity Surveyor applies the correct methodthology  to a project so that the client to obtain optimum value.

His early servises, even from the initail stages of a scheme or design, allows the client, architect and engineer to realise the cost of design and if necessary to proceed with calibration steps so that the eventual cost to be within acceptable limits



ProQS has a proven track record  in cost management/quantity surveying services across many industry sectors like those of Infrastructure / Commercial / Residential  that helps avoid disputes while facilitating effective project progress and contribution for effectiveness for any construction team.

Key Cost Management synergies :

Preliminary cost evaluation based on current market trends

Advice on tendering process based on project key characteristics

Procurement management and Tendering

Risk assessment and Risk Avoidance

Final accounts and negotiations through  the project

Cost Engineering and suggestions to reduce Cost 



Project management, deals with  project controls, is one of the most key elements in the Construction Industry. We view this part as a vital part of our services, from concept, through design and construction, to the management and maintenance of a project.

Preparation of target business case - Feasibility Studies

Appointment of contractors and subcontractors based on the Project Characteristics 

Sound management of cost and budget analysis 

Contract administration and tendering

Commissioning and testing

Project control and Project monitoring


Feasibility Studies

Reliable and accurate cost advice to proceed with the greatest amount of confidence from initial stages of design. 


Disputes Resolution

Construction industry is a Complex and full of risk business and during construction a professional advice is required to mitigate and issues occur. We can advise and negotiate on your behalf.


Bill of Quantities Preparation


Financial Progress Reports

The peperation of Bill of Quantity assumed to be the best approach so that to avoid conflicts and obtain increse cost certainty

It means that our client shall know at every stage of construction, the progress, what need to consider and  the available solutions concerning the monetary issue of the project


Construction Monitoring Pre Contract


Tenders Assessment

Monitoring each stage of construction to make sure that cost is in line with forecast- Issue interim payments and closing the final accounts of the project.

Review tenders from Contractors and provide to the Employer the tools to decide the most competent Contractor

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